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Sustainable guitar bags - protects your gig protects the globe

We create sustainable Gig Gear, to tune up our playground by every guitar bag we sell. Without doing concessions on design, quality or price.

For each guitar bag sold =
🌿 2 trees are planted.
🌊 Cleans the oceans from ocean plastic.

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Better Designed

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We designed our limited edition, sustainable Guitar Bags orientated on: comfort, protecting your gig, design and sustainability. Each guitar bag gives back more then it takes from our planet. 

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Unique guitar bags and gig gear

🌊 Guitar bags that clean the oceans

For every GigPack we sell we donate independetly to Ocean cleanup, to support their mission to clean 90% of ocean plastic by 2040. Pre order your GigPack now. Sustainable Gig Gear.

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💦 Guitarbag raincover

Order your GigPack now and claim your free raincover. Every GigPack plants 2 trees and cleans the oceans. Let's tune up our playground. Protect your Gig, protects the Globe. Sustainable guitar bags.

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🌿 Every guitar bag plants 2 trees

For every GigPack we sell we plant 2 trees. In corporation with we forest we start planting trees in Brasil and later around the globe. Order now and help planting 2 more trees. 

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